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Boston Bean Party

They stopped making new paper calendars years ago but I’ve held onto an “American Sports Cars 2030” to keep track of the days on my own. I decided to get rid of leap years because they weren’t on the calendar and I don’t care for them.

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New Rules

In today’s world of constant conversations, it’s nearly impossible to be dumb and not know it. Even if you try really really hard, people make sure to find a way to let you know “hey, you’re dumb as hell.”

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Short StoryKeaton Goodman
Depression: Nature’s Most Unlikely Tool

Anthropologically, clinical depression is considered to be “a behaviour pattern that is pan-human and confers a reproductive disadvantage now and in the archaic past,” (Young, 2003). To any normal person suffering from depression, this is a very worrisome statement, but there’s good news too - depression is believed by anthropologists to be an evolutionarily developed tool

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EssayKeaton Goodman