A Brief Encounter

Hi, nice to meet you.

After a few drinks and an ignorance of personal space you’re lingering like a ringing in my ear. Coming on slowly, you’re there and then you’re not but you always return.

Anything that causes withdrawal symptoms can’t be good right?

You know the true sign of an addiction is when it begins to negatively affect your friends and family;

But you snuck into my veins and only took seconds to take effect and seize control.

Control like making it my fault for asking what the loud shattering sound was that came from the bathroom.

I think that’s ok though cause I like that you’re hurt. I’m hurt.

It’s sort of like a fight fire with fire situation except your fire is blue balls, or whatever the equivalent is for a longing heart, and my fire is rightfully blaming you for the broken window in the bathroom.

This is the kind of fiery romance that makes up for fifty percent of marriages; I’m glad we could knock it out in under a week.

Keaton Goodman