Rest and Relaxation without that conjunction you get one or the other

Bed OR Breakfast? sounds like a shitty deal

I just want a place to sleep AND a nice meal

Bonnie Clyde without and is just a name of coincidence

Rock Roll, just a very peculiar and boring event

And Ampersand just has no place existing without and; what’s an Ampers anyways?




It just looks like a pretentious 8

who the hell needs that

Respectful AND kind, not just one, balance is found in the bind.

You’d never eat mac without cheese

or use “thank you” but not “please”


Just please, fold and crease

Don't leave the job unfinished like the second half doesn't mean

Anything to anyone

Each antecedent needs its consequent 

I'm trying to buy, not rent

Cause I need you 

Like Elmer’s needs glue

Like rice needs white and 

Like one needs two 


I just want our And back

I hate being two separate names 

It felt right to be associated with you 

Allowed me to forget and relax

Escape anything into your arms 

Now it's a different and, between Dazed and Confused

I just don't know what to do

I'm lost without “and”

I’m lost without you

Keaton Goodman