Being put into words feels like when a child tugs on a balloon to keep it from floating away

Back to the earth, back into existence 

A grounded human void of compliments or consequence

When described, a human is allowed to be real 

Your stone cold faces and dreary eyes allow for no happenings

Say a name! Stumble upon an enjoyable characteristic and let them know.

Drag these people back to earth with your kind words and full smiles

Make existence a reality for beings grasping and struggling to be identified


Cold gnarled teeth seek to crush them to dust 

Let the wind take care of the rest 

All we are is more than that!

That's why I demand: fight back.

Be wary of the dreary eyes and the cold gnarled teeth for your own sake

Be a bright red balloon tied to a very, very happy child 

Keaton Goodman