Falling in love is leaping onto your bed after a long day

Falling in love is laying your head on plush pillows after a good lay

Falling in love is a new blanket of fuzz to wrap yourself in 

Love is sitting down

Love is sprawled out on your couch 

Love is comfortable, unbothered, and content

But to fall out of love is slow and dissatisfying

Falling out of love is the emotional equivalent of standing up so quickly your head begins to spin through the cosmos

There are no directions in space

The only thing that causes the sensation of “down” is the object you’re orbiting around

Heh, same.


Falling out of love is the point of singularity

You see, when you fall into a black hole and begin to near this one dimensional point of enormous mass and infinite density and gravity where spacetime itself curves infinitely, you become what they call in the scientific community "spaghettified."

This is as a result of the fact that this point is where the laws of physics go to die. 

No matter escapes, not even light

And you do not escape, sucked into a black nonexistence no matter your might

Due to the increasing gravitational pull from every direction, you will lose dimensionality completely and disappear irrevocably into nothing but a black dot.


The most unfortunate part however is what this looks like to the common observer. 

They do not see the terrifying and tumultuous journey to the point of singularity, no. 

The observer merely sees you move closer and closer to this point, slower and slower until you come to a complete halt.

Never actually tipping over the edge.

They don't know. They couldn't know.


Once in this black hole you now operate on a different frequency.

Everything said to you is understood as much as you hate to hear it

And everything you say to them makes no sense.

Nothing comes out of a black hole

So you keep trying to say something, plead something, scream something

Each and every time to no avail.

It's over you fucking idiot

You'd think someone would recognize when they're in a black hole.


All we can do is hope our black hole is a worm hole

That what we're leaving behind was only to prepare us for what's ahead 

That we might see space and time fold

To spit us out the other side to a future yet unknown



Keaton Goodman