the death wave

A phenomenon observed widely in rats and occasionally in humans, the death wave is a post-mortal spark of cerebral activity, an oddly late firing of brain synapses. 

And theoretically, with the complexity of the mind, the possibility that this neuronal explosion could create a conscious experience is greater than zero. 

This is where you get the classic reports of near death experience; where someone dies and sees a bright light at the end of a tunnel or sees their life flash before their eyes before they’re brought back to life. 

But what of the possibility of a much more intricate occurrence altogether?

An entire lifetime

unique, possibly unrelated to your own



maybe even self aware enough to hint at you, like in a song or a poem or something.

Just knock out a quick lifetime before you bite the dust cause why not?

Play a quick video game as immersive as life itself.

So, In the context of your perceived reality

in which you’re 


These words 

On your screen 

Right now, 

This may seem to be a sadistic rant or a solipsistic plant of sorts to crumble the realities of those around me. It’s not. It’s more of an instillment of the hopeful belief that watching your own reality inexplicably slip through your hands as a non-Newtonian mass can sometimes be comforting.

And if it isn’t, my bad.

But what if your experience, 

your Now, 

Is an extremely brief gesture of goodbye, 

Entirely occurring just before the final goodbye;

Would it make a difference?

Keaton Goodman