What I Want in a Drug

It’s not how I’d take it where my preference lies though I’d prefer to avoid needles

No, I wanna drug for every occasion from post-mortem to fetal


An upper for when I’m down

A downer when no one's around 

To knock me out when no one else is there to do it

I want an innie to do my busy-work 

and an outie to go with my collared shirt

I need a pill to put down lunch and another to swallow dinner

Oh, and a spinner to make time pass faster

And maybe something to slow moments to last forever


A drug for every state of consciousness and every state of being

To keep real human life as far from me and fleeting

As humanly possible, ironically so

I don’t want to think and I don’t want to know

What’s going on in DC or what’s going on inside me

Cause it’s too much to bear without a thick layer

Of fog created by a pill or some blow


Trap me in a bubble of drugs that mix up in the mind what feels good and what bad

So that I may feel good when I’m good and great when I’m sad. 

Keaton Goodman