Empty Cups

You’re sitting with your friend in a Starbucks sipping genuine connection out of a coffee cup. A beautiful morning with a beautiful friend. After driving through an all-nighter of emotional flood, your phone has died and now sits on the side-table between the two of you, alongside your drinks. He gets up and says he has to go to the bathroom - no problem. Seconds after he turns away from you and toward the restroom, you experience the crushing reality of your now deceased cellular device. Your brain is programmed to go to that so you have no other plan without it. Should you get up and talk to your friend, the barista? Or maybe you could start a conversation with the group of particularly happy gentlemen sitting no more than ten feet away from you. But, you choose neither because you don’t know how. All that’s left are empty cups. It doesn’t take the same amount of time to throw away two coffee cups as it does to go to the bathroom, no matter how long you stall. Your friend returns after a couple minutes of trying to figure out where to guide your eyes and how to place your hands as to not look weird; the two of you laugh about the whole thing. 

Keaton Goodman