Goodnight Sun

In the small, dim room 

There was a cellphone

And a person - just one

And a sliver of light creeping through the window: the sun

And there was a painting of lines

And a collection of signs 

And the weight of the world fell upon him

And a bed made a-mess

And the feeling of less, in every respect, engulfed him

And a very large mirror that made self seem just nearer

And squiggly pipes

And way too long nights

And eyes that just burned

And thighs that still yearned to feel the touch of just something different


But there is work in the morning

And after hours of yawning

The body’s just begging for sleep

So we’ll see him at noon

But for the time being


Goodnight room

Goodnight sun

Goodnight slivers of light, no longer just one

Goodnight lines

Goodnight signs

Goodnight weight of the world, a harrowing ton

Goodnight mess

And goodnight less

And goodnight mirror that keeps me undone

Goodnight pipes

And goodnight nights 

Goodnight eyes

Goodnight thighs

Goodnight alarm

And goodnight friends, every-one