Haha Mantra

I create reality in front of myself 

I create reality behind myself

I am powerful

I am here because I’ve allowed myself to be

So, why not enjoy it?

Laughter makes me invincible

Like a bear with a bullet proof vest strapped to it:

Fucking invincible. 

Laughter will strengthen me physically and if it’s not successful, at least I’ll have laughed my way through the whole god damn thing.

I am the navigator of my own scenic routes towards self-destruction;

My free will to limit or extend my experience is all my own.

Others’ attempts to project caution out of love are appreciated imposition but imposition nonetheless.

It is not my responsibility nor my prerogative to impose upon others, either;

Not but to echo their own firmly held values and beliefs.

So, when I feel like imposing, or that I’m being imposed upon, I grab myself by the shoulders and recite this truth:

People are Good and everything will be O.K.

It’s important, so don’t forget it 

People are Good and everything will be O.K.

Keaton Goodman