He enters the house with a wise rhythm 

door, open

foot, step

jacket, hook

hat, hook

step, step

chair, sit

He falls into his seat at the kitchen table with a satisfied exhaustion

Leaning back on his chair, he opens the fridge

The tupperware container he selects is full of cherry tomatoes

The radio plays hip-swaying music

He pops cherry tomato after cherry tomato into his mouth, one at a time

With lip curled on one side, he looks at me

Otis Redding? 

I blush; nod

he chuckles,

we dance

Big and grooving at first but after a moment he pulls my hips to his

Only the most vulnerable parts of our bodies touch

I’m caressed by his eyes and the world leaves my thoughts

the future leaves my thoughts

the past is nowhere to be found