My Last Love Poem to a Stupid Fucking Movie Theater

You find yourself seeing something that reminds you of her and think are you fucking kidding me? as if you’re angry at a movie theater

That reminds you of your Bonnie

The best fish

Your comfort

A cloud

The rolling hills

A magician

The white rabbit

The pink shimmer


Or whatever else you described her as in the dozens of poems you threw up on the same subject


Allowing yourself to be heartbroken is the most damaging and least profound thing you can do

So stop writing poetry about how sad you are that she's gone cause you know she doesn't write for you 

Heartbreak is a one sided mirror in front of an empty room that only you have the key to

So blast that shit on Twitter and give everyone the pin code 

So you can watch a mirror as your friends and family pass by apathetically by the truck-load

It's not that they don't care about you 

But heartbreaks tough; there's no cure 

It's just something you need to live through 

So zip it on Twitter, and definitely Facebook too, nobody should resort to shouting their innermost feelings into a void of blue.


So go re-learn how to be happy again on your own

Because life is a sad zebra with happy stripes

Like white is black and black is white

You only have so much time to make this shit good

So stop thinking about what you would’ve and start thinking about what you could

Go to bed proud not tossing in agony

Fall asleep to excitements of what you could be

Keaton Goodman