I’m angry at you from a distance

I know you, you know me, and you did nothing wrong

But I’m upset with you from far away


We met about a month ago

Happenstance, friend of a friend of a friend

Just by chance, an odd but fitting blend


I haven’t told anyone yet but I find your indifference sexy

Your unintentional reluctance to notice me gets me hot

But I’m all the way over here

And you, there


I see you everywhere

I don’t know why or how but intentional it is not

At this point about once a day

A bright flare of pink hair streaks across my vision as if to say…



There’s such a persistence in this coincidence I’ve begun to question God

Who is there deciding you into my presence

placing you into my myriad


So frivolous with ambivalence

Sat down at a place I planned to be

Invited you too

Then, your indifference toward me

You were already there

So, my indifference for you


I ignored you as long as I could

Until you turned to make eye contact with me as if you could feel the hole I'd been burning in the back of your head

You skipped to me

Your hair comparable to both the beauty of a SoCal Sunset and the promiscuity of Strawberry Lemonade Svedka in the same moment

You SKIPPED to me

Hugged me before I could stand

Don't play with me like that 

Keaton Goodman