Pitfalls of the Organized

Look down on me with contempt

For I represent a reflection of yourself that you do not appreciate

You’ve repressed me, my boundless hope, to alleviate some regression… or depression, who knows.

You seem to think that if you were some boisterous bafoon, you couldn’t get away with it

Here’s the secret, I don’t care whether or not, I just like to play with it

Living freely doesn’t mean you can’t be kind or genuine

But sure, allow me no authority, feed me your sedimentary sentiment


Caress me in the face with your doctrines 

Not derived but decided by thousand year old men

Who, by modern standards, were sorely uneducated 

Doesn’t that feel to you just the least bit jaded?


That age old pre-school system of socialization is more outdated and unjustified than a Blockbuster video franchise

It’s also similar in that you love to see a little reference to it cause it’s almost universal and pretty nostalgic

But when it comes to everyday life I think it’s pretty obvious that we’re better of without it.

Believe what you believe 

Maybe just don’t organize yourselves

It only seems to make trouble.

Keaton Goodman