Train (not the band)

This week I ran to catch a train for the first time in my life

An experience I've deemed necessary to claim to have lived

I feel as if those moments have come in droves in recent years

Now I'm on a train in the pouring rain

Kind of a poetic situation to be in 

But this time it means nothing

Water dripping down the sides but no tears in my eyes 

I once asked "is it worse to cry on the Metra or the red line?"

But it doesn't matter anymore cause I'm not on either 

These days I'm really just doing fine

I mean right, sure, as long as I don't want to write her

I just want to write here and fight fear

Become more comfortable with my surroundings through describing compound things 

Cause fuck my dad and fuck who I had (though we never could quite right) 

All we ever did was break up, never fight


Fast forward a week

I lost my train of thought while writing those words

Traded the train for a plane

Back to San Diego where there ain't no rain

Wanna escape cause the split derailed my life and it hurts 

Cause the pain never flirts

It only gets worse

Now I'm level with the clouds so I can see where they're coming from 

Just wish they could do the same for me as I've done for two

But clouds only see me as passing through

It's uncomfortable too, to think that a cloud would hold me up better than you

I know air don't care but moisture can't voice where 

I've gone wrong and what I've done to them 

though I've been betrayed again and again


Sometimes the stranger across from you just gets off at a different stop 

Or they have a lay over, another flight 

And sometimes that stranger is your father

Or the love of your life 

And sometimes your rhyme scheme and piece theme just fit way too well with the word strife

Keaton Goodman