Unrequited Love

I have a love-hate relationship with the phrase "unrequited love" 

Simply because it sounds much more beautiful than it feels

Because "I love you, I'm just not in love with you" seems closer to 

Broke love

Revoked love

Shot-down love

Tossed-around love

Thrown-away love

Might-as-well-be-gay love because it seems as if everything is trying to stop it from happening


Because walking into someone's life through a revolving door feels more accurately described by

Forsaken love

Breath-taken love

Unrequited? More like misguided, single-sided, tryna fight it, gotta write it because it doesn't seem as if I'm allowed to express it anyway else - love


I love and hate these words at the same time that I love and hate you

You allowed my feelings to brew more than once - I've counted one, two

And then you pulled it away like a magician does a table cloth 

Leaving me no choice but to feel confused and lost 

Like a wet table and chairs full of broken glass 

the feelings you put in my head are a pain in my fucking ass.


Because the way you used me while telling me you were using me

Est merde. It ain't fair!

And I don't know if I want you back, that's the hardest part

Im just sitting here alone trying to convert pain into art

So maybe, just maybe, I can feel something worth it

Even though I know if you turned back around I'd just fucking forget

Cause the shit you put me through would never surmount to the love I have for you


But, "There's plenty more fish in the sea,"

Sure that's Reassuring for someone playing catch-and-release

That's just not my game, though I guess it is yours

Just please spare me the sight of your lure

I don't want this crap because the way you deliver news makes it feel like

Return-to-sender love

Wish I hadn't met her love

But I don't.

I'd rather see how far the extremities of love can stretch

Than to reduce my life to merely that of flesh


So the next time you're pondering the idea of unrequited love

Just try using some synonyms that make it sound less beautiful to more accurately understand the feeling

Like how about Kicked-aside love

Or Asked-to-hide love

Middle-finger love

That Jerry Springer love

Don't-mean-much love

Can-not-touch love




Keaton Goodman