Wait... Love?

You flutter your eyes at me and flash a vertical grin.

When you lay alongside someone, time moves as if you were underwater.

Sometimes that’s good.

But right now? I don’t know ‘cause I think you just told me you love me.

I’m not sure, I can only hear vowels...

But like... We’ve known each other for—

And I’m actively trying to—

So it couldn’t have been... 

3 bats of your lashes have gone by since the word left your mouth

Dammit, by the time I’ve processed this it’s gonna be too late to give a kind response

Is there even a kind of response that doesn’t involve “you too”?

Now would be a great time to black-out.

I don’t know what it means to try to black-out but I do.

2 more bats of your lashes like pounding thuds of a tower clock.


Keaton Goodman