A Reason to Wake Up

A career: 40 years

Schoolwork: like 20 tops

Art: as long as it's around for people to appreciate it

A person? Long as it takes for you to turn the relationship to shit.


I latched on to someone

Awoke every morning for them without even really realizing it

I had something to be excited for every single day

It didn't matter whether I got good grades or was happy at my job

All that mattered was "is she ok"

Nothing could harm me, get in my way

Cause I had comfort by my side without question


Now, each morning I slap my alarm with anger and contempt

I hate waking up to abruptness

Anxiety splits peace tea like the red sea

I arise slowly, far from fresh, to start another directionless 24 hour cycle of me

Just me.

I don't wake up beside someone nor do I have a text to send the moment I'm conscious


I used to follow a familiar ride I drove everyday 

Now I have GPS guiding me to an address I haven't typed in yet.

So, I don't know where I'm going 

But I know where I've been

And I know the road I'll never travel again 

Keaton Goodman