When you get lonely, you start sleeping on half a bed 

When you get lonely, indulging solely starts to seem ok in your head

When you get lonely, you start to open windows

It makes you feel more connected with everyone around you 

You're not alone inside a box but merely sitting under a roof in a huge world full of people

You keep the windows open for them

Windows for people to nod to, to smile too

Windows for people to look through, to see you 

Windows for people to get up and crawl through

You leave the balcony door open hoping that someone might appear in your living room


Video games and Netflix make your stomach sick

Soda-pop and potato chips to keep your throat slick

Windows open, airflow for your mind to stay hopeful

All whilst counteracting that with a table full of mind-fill

You inhale things, drink stuff to make time pass quicker

What the hell did Rapunzel do with no clicker or liquor 

to pass unnumbered days in a bearable haze that ends in a prince come to get her?

Whatever it was, I’m trying my best

I don’t know how to open my windows any wider.

Keaton Goodman